John Goodman Reveals How His 29-Year-Long Marriage Survived His Alcoholism

Date March 22, 2018

Legendary actor John Goodman is a prime example of the fact that fame comes with a price. The star of TV series Roseanne was so overwhelmed by stardom that he turned to alcohol. Goodman has a 30-year history of alcoholism, which ended in 2007, and actor has been sober ever since.


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Goodman's victory over his addiction, however, might not have been possible if it wasn't for his wife of 29 years, Annabeth Hartzog.

Through thick and thin

John Goodman and Annabeth Hartzog has been married since 1989. They got together shortly after the overwhelming success of Roseanne hit the actor. What followed was nine seasons of the show, constant media attention, and solace at the bottom of the bottle.

Goodman now refers to his alcoholism as a shield - it would help him cope with the pressure of being everyone's favorite sitcom dad. He was very lucky that his wife stood by him through those tough times.


The actor says, the secret to a strong and long-lasting marriage is "listening and patience" as well as "working away from home a great deal of the time." That's it, plain and simple - communication, understanding, and occassional time apart.


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Roseanne is back!

Now that Goodman has better control over his emotional state, he might be able to enjoy starring in The Roseanne Reboot much more this time.

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The long-awaited return of everyone's favorite show is planned on March 27th, so don't forget to tune in!

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