Michael Jackson's Kids Say The King Of Pop Was Just A Normal Father

Date April 3, 2018

There had always been a lot of controvercy surrounding Michael Jackson, and his parenting style even more so.

The king of pop's three kids - Prince, 21, Paris, 19, and Blanket, 16 - had been hidden from a public's eye for most of their childhood. Michael would make them wear masks or, at times, thin pieces of fabric, in an effort to hide their faces.


He'd explain it as a way of protecting them from kidnappers. However, most people were concerned because it seemed that Jackson was adopting antisocial and paranoid behavior, similar to his own, in his children. Despite that, Paris herself admitted that Michael wanted them to have normal life, and that's why he did it.

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How Michael Jackson's kids felt about him

At the Jackson kids early age, Michael was too concerned with their safety. Reportedly, he installed video surveillance in every nursery and made babysitters throw out their toys, in order to keep it sanitary.

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Such excessive behavior was concerning to family members; however, when Prince, Paris, and Blankett started to grow up, they were able to speak for themselves how they feel about their dad. Michael was attentive and gentle with them, and they wanted to spent as much time together as possible.

"If I could spend all my time with Daddy, I would do it. I think he's the best daddy in the whole world," Prince once said to his grandmother.

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Many people from Michael's surrounding witnessed him looking after his kids and calmly lecturing them if they were misbehaving. In an interview with Oprah, Paris also said that Jackson would ground them sometimes, and that overall he was a "normal" dad.

Jackson kids share their favorite memories of their father

Just like with any other family, Michael Jackson's children appreciated spending time with their dad, and once shared a few of the wonderful memories. Prince likes to recall how Michael would sometimes mess with him because his oldest son was afraid of the iconic "Thriller" music video. Also, he revealed that his favorite moment was walking on the beach together as a family.

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Paris has too many memories, but the ones she cherishes the most are about spending "quality" time with Michael, just the two of them.

Looking at their faces, you can really tell how much the kids loved Michael and how they truly miss him.

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