These Twins Discovered They've Led Identical Lives Before Reuniting 39 Years Later

Date March 30, 2018

Twins are fascinating. Although developed from the same zygote, they don't share the same DNA and even have different fingerprints.


Some believe that twins can possess telepathic connection with each other. Science can't prove it, but some point to the evidence of twin siblings being able to communicate telepathically. As if The Shining (1980) wasn't scary enough as it is.

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The remarkable story of twins separated at birth

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were born in 1940 and separately adopted after three weeks. The two men didn't have contact with each other until they were reunited 39 years later.

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Upon learning about each other's lives, the twins found some unbelievable similarities. Both men's first wives' names were Linda. Both remarried to women named Betty. They had sons from their marriages, one named James Alan Lewis, another one - James Allan Springer. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer chose woodworking as their jobs.

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Psychologists felt like they discovered a gold mine with the two twins. On top of the similarities in their personal lives, men shared almost identical characteristics. They took numerous personality tests, and results were as if of the same person.

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Both Jim and Jim said they'd always felt like something was missing from their lives. When they were reunited, they were finally in peace and could finally be brothers.

Twins are more than just siblings

The bond between twins is at times much stronger than with any other siblings. They don't just look identical; sometimes, they have the same personalities, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Even their parents have problem saying which is which. They have a unique opportunity for many different kinds of mischief.


Twins really are inseparable, which is worthy of admiration.

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