Who's In The Family: Jimmy Kimmel's Two Adult Children No One Ever Talks About

Date March 21, 2018

When Jimmy Kimmel opened his show with a monologue unlike his many others, millions of viewers didn’t know what to expect. The entire country was carefully listening, while Kimmel was fighting the tears, telling the story about his son who was born with a heart disease. Luckily, little Billy underwent a successful surgery, which gave this story a happy ending.

Kimmel often talks about his two young children, Billy and Jane, on the show, but we almost never hear about his older kids, Katie and Kevin.

Jimmy Kimmel’s children we didn’t know existed

Kimmel and his first wife, Gina Maddy, divorced in 2002, after being married for 14 years. Together, they had a daughter Katherine, born in 1991, and a son Kevin, born in 1993.

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These are my kids. They are in a big shoe.

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When Katie and Kevin were born, Jimmy was in his twenties, and was figuring out how to be a parent. Kimmel says that he used to spent much more time with his first two kids, than with the ones he has now, but his past experience helps him balance out the time with family and work.

Mommy - daughter time.

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Happy Mothers Day @ginathetomato - shot by an iPhone 5s on a selfie stick

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Despite his busy schedule, the famous host still finds time for his older kids and is very close with them. Just look at the sweet messages Katie and Kevin have been sending to their dad!

Happy Father's Day to my fishing buddy @jimmykimmel!

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What are Katie and Kevin Kimmel up to these days?

Kevin Kimmel is subtly following in his father’s footsteps and works as a production assistant on such famous reality TV shows as Survivor and Big Brother.

Katie, on the other hand, found passion for something other than television. She works with ceramics and makes very cute figurines.

Jimmy Kimmel Children Family