Heartbreaking Reason Why Stevie Nicks Married Her Best Friend's Husband


April 13, 2018 14:51 By Fabiosa

The legendary singer Stevie Nicks promised herslef a long time ago that she won't get married. Fleetwood Mac leader knew that if she wanted to be a true artist, she was going to have to say goodbye to the idea of children and a husband.

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Nicks did, however, get married in 1983 for three months. But it wasn't because she fell deeply in love or thought she found her soulmate. The reason for her decision is far more complex.


Stevie had a best friend Robin Anderson who was diagnosed with leukemia in 1981. She went into remission for a couple of months, during which she got pregnant. During the pregnancy, Nicks' friend got out of remission and had to stop the treatment to have the baby.

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Robin passed away and left behind her son, Matthew, and husband, Kim. Stevie Nicks was struck by grief.

I had lost the best friend I've ever had in my entire life.

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The only thing she thought she could do to feel better was to be close to her friend's family. "I went on a mission. I wanted that baby," Nicks recalled.

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The singer convinced Kim to get married, and they started living together. For a little while, it seemed like a good idea. Stevie was close to her best friend's son, and it felt right at first.

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Three months had passed, and Stevie realized that she didn't love her friend's widower, and he didn't love her. She asked for the divorce.


In hindsight, Nicks admits that it was an insane idea. "I wasn't thinking," she said.

Nicks was pregnant once before, in 1977, with her partner Don Henley. But the baby was never born.


Stevie Nicks dedicated her lofe to her true calling - music - and she never looked back.

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