Who Sang It Best? The Voice UK Contestant Offers Her Modern Take On Dolly Parton's 'Jolene'

Date March 22, 2018

Every single fan of country music knows and loves the song "Jolene," one of Dolly Parton's most famous songs. It's largely favored by audiences for its catchy tune and relatable lyrics. In the song, Parton sings about a beautiful woman by the name Jolene, and begs her "please don't take my man."

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The legend of country music refers to it as one of the most covered songs from her repertoire. Even though it first premiered in 1973, many artists today draw inspiration from it and offer their modern take on the tune.

Contemporary interpretation vs. classic version

Just recently, The Voice UK contestant, Tai Bantick, performed "Jolene" during one of the shows, with a modern twist that could appeal to younger audiences.

Tai is on the team of a famous hip-hop artist, who might've given the aspiring artist a few tips on how to refresh the song with a new sound.

You can listen to Tai's take on "Jolene" yourself and see which version you like best.

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The judges were very impressed with Bantick's performance. Even musical icon Tom Jones told Tai that she "should record that." Tai herself said she just wanted to make the song her own and make Dolly Parton proud.

Other notable covers

Obviously, Tai Bantick is not the only singer who attempted to cover Parton's famous song. We compiled some of the versions we like best.

Dolly Parton herself even participated in one of the covers and teamed up with the famous acapella group to revisit "Jolene."

Which version do you prefer?

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