Numerous Roles Of Andy Serkis: From Gollum To King Kong

Date December 21, 2017

If you look at the face of Andy Serkis, you may not recognize the actor, but we are sure you have admired his performance more than once. It’s no wonder because he usually plays computer-generated characters.

How it all began

Serkis was born on April 20th, 1964 in London. From an early age, Andy was fond of painting and wanted to become an artist. But after graduating from high school and enrolling in Lancaster University, he began to show interest in the theater. Serkis' theatrical career was actively developing, and in subsequent years, he played on the stages of many famous theaters.


In 1994, Andy made his debut on the screen. Since then, he has starred in a number of films. The role of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings may be considered the most notable one. But there are other successful films with his participation that are worth watching.

King Kong

King Kong film will return you to the 1930s. A crew of documentarists goes to the mysterious island to find information about the existence of a creature named Kong.

It might be surprising, but Serkis actually played the character of a huge chimp. To prepare for this, the actor actually spent a whole year studying apes! He also visited London Zoo a couple of times and even went to Rwanda because he wanted to observe wild gorillas.

The Prestige

The Prestige movie tells us about two magicians – Rupert and Alfred. The two illusionists were friends but, after a tragic incident, they become rivals. In this film, Serkis had a little character role, but he still proved that he is talented even without a suit with LED markers.

Touchstone Pictures

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Ultron is an artificial intelligence created by scientists to protect the planet from any danger. However, it has decided that the main threat is people themselves, which means that only the Avengers can save the world. Serkis played Ulysses Klaw, a Dutch scientist who can turn sound waves into something physical.

And the fans of the film will be happy to see the actor in the continuation of the series, the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Marvel Studios

The Adventures of Tintin

The film takes place in Brussels in the 1930s. Tintin is a young reporter, known in the city for his journalistic investigations of crimes. Once, he buys a model of the ship Unicorn and gets involved in a series of fascinating events. Serkis played Captain Haddock, who happens to be known as a rum-loving, quick-tempered seaman.

Planet of the Apes franchise

This franchise is about a world in which people and intelligent apes are at war for control. In the latest three films, Serkis played Caesar, who becomes a leader of the clan.

The fans wondered what made Caesar such a believable character. But the answer is simple – it is just the brilliant acting. For the role, he wore a headset and a gray suit with LED markers. Cameras tracked these markers and fixed each movement of the actor, including the movement of his facial muscles. Then the computer put everything into the desired form, transforming the actor into the ape on the screen.

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings

The story begins when Frodo inherits the ring from his cousin. The future of the whole imaginary world is now in danger because its owner wants to return it.

Initially, Serkis was invited as a voice actor, but he still wanted to understand the character. He saw Gollum as an addict with an inner struggle of choosing what’s wrong and right. While auditioning, he impressed everyone by his face expressions and a thin voice. This was the moment when the director decided he needed Serkis to play this character.

He was wearing a specially designed suit with little markers. Then cameras recorded them and translated the image into an avatar. Serkis saw Gollum's greyscale version and knew how to act. Since the avatar amplified his moves, he realized that it was better to make not much movement. The result was simply stunning.

His acting is really brilliant, and we are looking forward to his new fascinating roles!

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