Funny Parenting: Dads Share The Hilarious Moment With Their Kids On Social Media

Date January 2, 2018

Parenting isn’t a picnic in the park. Of course, it’s rewarding and amazing, but there are still a lot of moments when you have no idea what’s going on, and it is more appropriate to laugh or cry. Mommies and daddies always try to do their best when it goes to upbringing a kid. And it’s really cool that in modern era, we are able to share our experience with each other. There are numerous situations when desperate parents ask for help from other social media users and get it.

Besides of helping and giving useful information, parents from all over the world like to post different funny stuff and moments, which made them laugh really hard. That’s an amazing tendency. It unites moms and dads as well as gives the chance to appreciate parenthood and enjoy those fun times. Children are small copies of us, and they tend to repeat the same behavioral patterns or habits. Sometimes, it gets really hilarious when kids do something unusual and funny, and we don’t even know where they got that attitude from. And it turns out to be that fathers like to share funny stories about their children the same as mothers do.

Here is a compilation from Twitter where dads show what #DadLife looks like.


This daughter kept her secret for so long that she couldn't help but tell it.


Some daddies really like to tease mommies.




Such moments are so precious.






















And all these tweets prove that parenthood can be real fun, and this experience is definitely worth sharing.

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