Nicole Kidman Went Through A Drastic Transformation For Her New Role In The Movie "Destroyer"

Date December 14, 2017 16:35

Big Little Lies star, Nicole Kidman, is about to take part in Karyn Kusama’s new movie Destroyer. In this crime thriller, the Hollywood star will be together with Scott McNairy, Toby Kebbell, and Bradley Whitford. In this new film, Nicole portrays a policeman with a quite difficult destiny: in the beginning, her character, Erin Bell, was placed undercover with a criminal gang to solve a complex case. Many years later the gang leader returns, and Erin has to deal with that and face her demons from the past.

In order to play this role, Kidman has to go through some drastic changes. It seems when the movie comes out not all the fans will be able to recognize sophisticated and elegant Nicole Kidman. Why? Well, baggy clothes, gray and tangled short hair with harsh makeup made this a pretty hard task. But doing all this Nicole proves that a real actress is not afraid to change her stylish looks if it’s needed for a role.

Whoa! #NicoleKidman got a major make-under for her new role as a gritty detective in #Destroyer. (????: Getty Images, Backgrid) ⠀

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Actually, she’s done that many times before. For example, playing Virginia Woolf in The Hours with Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. Back on the set, it took makeup artists three hours a day to transform Nicole into Virginia. They also used a prosthetic nose.

Playing Julia Edwards in Top of the Lake Nicole got the prosthetic nose again. In addition, they created a big grey wig for her, put freckles on the face and decided to go with a gap between her teeth. So finally Kidman looked not herself anymore.

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However, with all these unrecognizable looks Nicole Kidman remains a great actress who masters her skills from one movie to another.

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