Princess Diana And Prince Charles: Things That Went Wrong On The Wedding Of The Century

Date December 21, 2017

For those people who watched the “wedding of the century” of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer back in 1981, it looked like an absolute fairytale. Diana was wearing an amazing dress with 25-foot train and a beautiful tiara. Charles was in his naval uniform. Numerous guests from different countries attended the service, and it was watched by around 750 million people on a TV. For the honeymoon, the newlyweds left for an 11-day cruise and, in the end, spent time with family in Scotland. Everything looked just perfect, but was it so for real?


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Here are some things that definitely went wrong during the big day of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

1. Spilling the perfume

Diana has been said to spill the whole bottle of perfume from the House of Houbigant all over her dress.

2. Wrinkling the dress

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Because Diana’s dress was really big and the train was pretty long, it was not enough space in Queen’s ceremonial Glass Coach. So, after they arrived, the gown and the train were all wrinkled and ceased.

3. Missing out the words

Both Charles and Diana made mistakes while saying wedding vows. Diana got Charles’ name wrong. Instead of saying “Charles Philip Arthur George”, she called him “Philip Charles Arthur George”. And Prince Charles missed a word by saying “my goods” instead of “my worldly goods”.

4. Having a headache

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Princess Diana’s tiara was truly gorgeous but pretty heavy. Diana wasn’t used for wearing such a heavy thing, so she’s got a horrible headache, which lasted all day long.

5. Comforting the bridesmaid

One of the bridesmaid, the great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill, suddenly tripped and fell down. She immediately started crying, so Diana had to bend down and comfort her.

So, as we can see, even if it’s a royal wedding, it doesn’t mean that everything goes perfect anyway.

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