3 Stories Of The Dogs That Help People In Various Situations

Date October 13, 2017

They say that a dog is a man's best friend. But sometimes, our furry friends become the only power that can save us and helps overcome the hard times. Today, we will tell you three amazing stories of the dogs who were not only friends but also lifesavers to the humans.

1. Avalanche rescue dog from California

Shooter is a cute looking golden retriever who has a very dangerous but important job. The dog is an avalanche rescue dog at the Alpine Meadows Resort located in Squaw Valley, California. With other rescue dogs at Alpine Meadows, Shooter helps the ski patrol find missing tourists and skiers.

For avalanche rescue dogs, excellent sniffing skills have the most crucial meaning. The animals go through hours of intensive training, trying to find either people or their scent-laden things, such as personal belongings or clothing, in various places.

But being a good sniffer is not enough to work up in the mountains. The dogs perform their duties in a very extreme environment where even a few seconds of hesitation may result in death. Both ski patrol officers and their dogs need to act fast but careful to find a missing person in time. So, the dogs should have many special skills. They should feel comfortable with all the equipment they use at the ski resorts and be highly disciplined and obedient.

Source: Daily Treat / Skialpine / YouTube

2. K9 pitbull from New York

What kind of dog do you imagine every time you hear about K9 officers? Usually, K9 troops work with German Shepherds because they are well known for their obedience. Plus, there were a few movies that starred a German Shepherd as a police dog. The truth is, however, that the breed does not matter. And Kiah, the police pitbull, proves that.

Kiah is not a regular police dog. She is the very first K9 pitbull officer in New York.

When Kiah was a little puppy, she was found at a parking lot near a grocery store. The dog was seriously wounded and needed help. Kiah was sent to a shelter, and later, the dog was selected for special training that was meant to make her a real police guard.

Now, Kiah belongs to the local K9 police unit in the City of Poughkeepsie, New York. With her partner, officer Justin Bruzgul, Kiah patrols the streets and helps make her home city a safer place.

Source: Huffington Post

3. Police dog from Florida

We do not know the name of this dog. But its photo is what made us start wondering about the hard and dangerous job our furry pets do on a daily basis.

This photo was published on Twitter by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. It is a picture of one of their K9 officers taking a nap with his German Shepherd partner. Florida was recently hit by the Irma Hurricane, and both the officer and his dog definitely had a tough shift. But what is the most touching in this photo is the way the policeman holds his pet's paw while sleeping.

One of the captions to the photo said that, “We are in this together.” This photo shows just how much our furry friends are involved in everything that happens in the world. And they are always ready to come to our rescue.

So, next time you see a police dog on the steet, remember that they work just as hard as their human partners to make your life a bit safer and happier.

Source: Frank Somerville KTVU / Facebook

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