Photoshop Battle: The Little Mermaid, Baby Driver, And 7 Other Hilarious Characters Played By A Napping Baby

Date December 25, 2017

Napping newborns and toddlers always look so adorable. But when their parents get a bit more creative, or someone just uses a bit of Photoshop magic, these pictures become something more than just a cute photo for a family album. They turn into hilarious internet memes or even start battles among Photoshop masters.

For instance, take this cute picture of a little baby taking a nap.

whatsmyname2u / Reddit

This simple image started a heated battle among Reddit Photoshopers. And today, we've picked nine of the most creative and hilarious images from this Photoshop battle.

1. "The Little Mermaid"

MrDildoDoodler / Reddit

2. "Comet Kid"

bonkavonk / Reddit

3. "How're you doin'"

whatsmyname2u / Reddit

4. "Life is hard..."

Spankler / Reddit

5. "Now he's missing a 70s gold medallion."

mandal0re / Reddit

6. "Baby Driver"

s4m_sepi0l / Reddit

7. "Keeping huel company"

butteredcrumpet / Reddit

8. "Slowly Drifting..."

tareqb007 / Reddit

9. "American Beauty 2"

mentholstate / Reddit

As you can see, even one picture of a cute sleeping infant can become a source of inspiration for many people. Which one of these characters did you like the most? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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