Justin Hartley Got Busted For Pretending To Be Ryan Reynolds

Date November 24, 2017 17:08

Justin Hartley became quite a famous and recognizable star after NBC aired its hit series This Is Us. But there are so many celebrities in Hollywood who look alike that being recognized by someone does not always mean that person knows who you really are. And this is exactly what happened to Justin Hartley.

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Playing Kevin in This Is Us brought Hartley's acting career to a whole new level. In an interview with CBS News, the actor said he feels “very fortunate” to be a part of the show and use it for raising awareness about such serious problems as addiction.

Kevin is going through these issues and tough things that people really do go through. It is a serious issue.

But being famous has other benefits and consequences.

In a recent talk with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Hartley said that people do recognize him more now, and there is something great about it.

It’s wonderful because you get to do these charity events and you actually get to raise money for good causes and things like that, so that’s the good part of it.

However, there is always a place for a funny misunderstanding. One day, Justin was mistaken for being someone else.

The actor recalled as one woman at a charity event approached him and started talking about how wonderful he was and how much she loved him. It took Justin a few moments to realize, that something was wrong.

Then she asked me if I knew Deadpool was going to be that big of a hit.

Not knowing what to do, the actor went along with this misconception and pretended to be “the coolest guy on earth, Ryan Reynolds.”

But when he was already leaving the event, he saw that woman one more time, and from the look on her face, he figured that “somebody told her.”

These misconceptions happen all the time when it comes to famous people and Hollywood celebrities. And who knows, maybe one day, somebody will mistake Ryan Reynolds for being Justin Hartley?

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