19 Hilarious Tweets About 2018 New Year's Resolutions

Date January 2, 2018

There is something magical about the day of January 1st: it is the very first day of a new year and a new beginning for so many things. And many people tend to choose this date as a fresh starting point on the way to their goals. In the end of the expanding year, they write New Year's resolutions – short personal goal, things they want to change in both their lives and themselves.

Some of the people even share their plans on social media. And today, we've picked 19 of the most sincere, funny, and true-to-life tweets about 2018 New Year's resolutions.


1. “Stop letting stupid people make me so angry”

Great plan, buddy!


2. “Find the courage to wave back to the neighbors I don’t like”

3. “Make Ryan Gosling tweet about ME.”

4. “Just live my life, the best I can, without exception”

5. “Spend less time bitching about Trump...”

6. “Spell check my tweets and stop bitching about an edit button”

Although adding that “edit” button still would be nice.


7. “Due better when it comes to spelling”

8. “Follow all of my new year resolutions I haven't followed through on in the last ten years”

9. “Retweet all my tweets from 2017 to celebrate their 1st birthdays”

10. “Eat less cake”

11. “Use my gym membership I bought in 2017”

It looks like somebody is getting ready for the beach season.


12. “Send out my Christmas cards before December 25th”

13. “Write 2018 on my checks”

14. “Make really good resolutions for 2019”

15. “Never run out of coffee and continue my “never killed anyone” streak”

16. Give MySpace one more chance”



17. “Party like it’s 1999, so there will be no camera phone footage”

18. “Make time for those who are important..."

19. “Drink more milk”

Let's raise a glass (of milk) to this one!


Writing down some New Year's resolutions may help you understand what you really want and need to do in order to improve yourself and make your life a bit better. On the other hand, it is a great way to have some fun, especially when sharing these little promises with friends and family.

So, do you follow this tradition as well? What are your 2018 New Year's resolutions? Tell us all about it in a comment below.

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