Diana Ross' Eldest Son Ross Arne Naess Had A Fabulous Wedding In Summer 2017

Date December 8, 2017

In the world of music, Diana Ross is a living legend. In her family, she is a loving and caring mother to her five kids: two sons she had with her second husband Arne Næss Jr. and three stepchildren from Naess' previous marriage. And in June 2017, one of her kids – Ross Arne Naess – finally created a family of her own.

Ross married his long-time girlfriend, Kimberly Ryan. The lovebirds tied the knot after being together for more than 11 years.

Ross and Kimberly have two kids.

Their first son Leif was born in 2016, while the second boy Indigo saw this world two months after his parent's bohemian wedding.

While it took the iconic singer's son over a decade to pop up the most important question, it was surely worth waiting for.

Ross proposed on their 10th anniversary when Kimberly was pregnant with their first son Leif, reports Harper's Bazaar. And the whole moment was quite perfect: they were on a picnic in Malibu, and Ross presented his beloved woman with a stunning ring he has designed on his own.

Sometimes you have to be a chew toy when your baby's teething #momlife #mommyduties #ouch #cousins #ringbearers ☺

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And the wedding ceremony took place in Santa Barbara, California, at Rancho Des Pueblos.

We're married!!

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Recently, Kimberly shared a throwback photo of what she called “the most magical weekend ever”.

One of the most curious things about their wedding was that Kimberly did not wear any shoes and encouraged her guests to do the same. Perhaps, the fact that she was seven-month-pregnant at the moment has something to do with it.

But even without designer shoes, the bride looked gorgeous. She wore a beautiful white and gold gown by Maria Korovilas. The dress had a 72-inch-long veil and perfectly matched the general bohemian atmosphere of the wedding.

As for the groom, he was just as handsome and looked pretty standing there with his beloved woman, little son, and most of his family members.

Some of his siblings even had their part to play in the ceremony. For instance, Ross' sister Tracee Ellis Ross was one of Kimberly's bridesmaids.

@rossnaess and @kimberly_ryan so happy for you 2!!!!!! The wedding was spectacular!!!! . Love you both so much!!!!

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And his brother Evan even performed a couple of songs, accompanying the dance of the newlyweds.

Singing for my big bros wedding! @rossnaess and @kimberly_ryan . Love you both! So much

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The year of 2017 was truly rich for dream-like weddings.

In November, a niece of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, Ganya Usmanova, had her own fabulous wedding that looked more like one of Disney's fairy tales.

And we sincerely hope that following their gorgeous weddings, the loving couples will have their happy ever after.