Queen Elizabeth And Jackie Kennedy: Interesting Similarities Between Their Fashion Styles

Date December 8, 2017

Jackie Kennedy was always known as a woman of style, the same can be said about Queen Elizabeth. Among their own people, their beauty and fashion sense were hailed. But did they have a similar outlook when it came to what they wore?

The time they met

One evening in June 1961, four months after President Kennedy’s inauguration, Jackie Kennedy and her husband attended a dinner at Buckingham Palace. They were welcomed by Queen Elizabeth whom Jackie would later describe as "pretty heavy going."

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The dinner turned out to be a little awkward, especially on Jackie's end. Later, she said the Queen seemed to "resent" her, but her husband, Prince Philip, was much nicer.

However, nine months later, a more confident Jackie paid another visit to the Queen. This time around, she had more positive things to say. She described the British monarch as "charming."

Their similar styles

Even though they were not best friends, Queen Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy had a few things in common.

Kennedy was a lover of the finer things when it came to fashion. In fact, she set the bar high. Today, we still look back at her iconic pieces. Her elegance and style were reflected in her all-American choices. She was a lover of Hubert Givenchy, Chanel, and Dior.

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Queen Elizabeth was also very classy and proper in her dressing. Over the years, she has been seen in tailored coats and magnificent attires. She loved bright colors, her signature white gloves, gorgeously designed hats, and, of course, her beautiful jewelry.

A love for Hermes scarves

At different times and locations, the two women were spotted in beautiful Hermes scarves.

Jackie Kennedy was pictured at the America's Cup Race in September 1962.


In February 2012, the Queen wore a similar headscarf made by the same designer to a Tree Planting ceremony to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.


Bright colours

Jackie was pictured in this yellow dress in Mexico in June 1962.


Queen Elizabeth is never afraid to rock bright colors. This photo of her and Prince Philip was taken in April 2011.


Ravishing in red

In 1962, during a Valentine's day tour of the White House, Jackie stunned the public with this deep red outfit.


Four decades later, the Queen was spotted in an outfit of a similar color at The Royal Windsor Horse Show in Windsor Great Park.


Looking formal

The First Couple, at the time, attended a dinner organized in honor of President of the Republic of Ivory Coast Houphuet-Boigny. Jackie was the definition of class.


Queen Elizabeth decided to go for a little bit more color for her black-tie look. This picture was taken during her tour to Australia in 1954.


The royal style

Both women are true style icons, and they have influenced the generations that followed them. Kate Middleton, for example, uses some of the Queen's advice concerning the style.


Queen Elizabeth and the late Jackie Kennedy were fashion trendsetters, and their unique portrayal of a classy woman will always be admired.

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