Sam Elliot: The Talented Actor And His 'Money' Voice

Date November 28, 2017

Sam Elliot is an actor whose voice seems to have its own fans. Since his career in Hollywood, which has spanned nearly five decades, people have always been very fascinated with his deep, resonant voice. In fact, it was this uniqueness, including other features such as his lanky physique and thick moustache, that made the star more suited to the roles in Westerns.


Elliot's Career

Sam Elliot once revealed that he has always wanted to become an actor. He tried not to base his acting options on something that ensures a lot of money and preferred to play only quality roles.

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He has been able to hold on to his beliefs for the most part, and clearly, he is doing something right. Over forty years since he kicked off his career, Elliot is still very much sought-after in the industry.


Over the years, Elliot has featured in such major films as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Lifeguard (1976), Mask (1985), Gettysburg (1993), We Were Soldiers (2002), Hulk (2003), and Ghost Rider (2007).

Sam Elliot's 'money' voice

The actor has always gained a lot of attention for his voice. Elliot has performed voice-over narration for various commercials, including campaigns for Dodge, IBM, Kinney Drugs, Union Pacific, and the American Beef Council.


For animated films, he lent his voice to Ben the Cow in Barnyard, Buster in Marmaduke, and Butch in The Good Dinosaur.

While speaking to Bloomberg in 2015, he talked about coming to the realization that he had the money voice. He said he never paid his voice much attention until he started getting paid for it.

I have always been involved in singing and choir and vocal ensemble since I was a little kid. I think a lot of it is genetics.

Ashton Kutcher's take on Elliot's voice

Last year, while he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting his new series in which he stars with Sam Elliot, Ashton Kutcher shared what he thought of his colleague's famous voice.

He's got that cool voice. You want him to narrate how you're going to bed at night. You want him to narrate your whole life. He's amazing.

The new series titled The Ranch premiered in 2016 and featured other stars like Danny Masterson and Debra Winger.

Sam Elliot has been cashing in for years on his manly voice. Even though he has not been appearing in films as often as most of his fans would like, he is certainly an actor whose skills are very much appreciated by millions.

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