Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Talk About Their Lasting Marriage

Date November 23, 2017

Today, they are one of the country’s most legendary couples, with a 21-year long-lasting marriage and successful career. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s love story started at a music festival in 1994.


Love story begins

At the time, Tim was still dating Kristine Donahue, and Faith had just got a divorce from Daniel Hill. Their first interaction was brief, but later, they had a chance to get to know each other better on a joint tour in 1996, which was suitably called Spontaneous Combustion.

And again, something seemed to have been in the way. Faith was engaged to Scott Hendrick, a record producer, while Tim had called off his engagement. In the meantime, the attraction between them was obvious, and very soon, they couldn’t resist it and started dating. The wedding bells were chiming in 1996, with the happy couple also expecting their first child.

Secret of long-lasting marriage

21 years later, not only Tim and Faith are still together, but they are very happy! Recently, they have revealed their secret to a fulfilling marriage on Today show. McGraw said:

In the car, I drive. In the relationship, she drives. We make decisions about things in different ways, but we always talk about it before we do it.


Both Tim and Faith give credit to each other for their great relationship. McGraw says:

 She tolerates a lot.



And Hill answers her husband does that too as she isn’t the easiest person. The key to their successful marriage, according to the couple, lies in liking each other a lot:

We like each other; we do actually do like one another.

First joint album

In October, McGraw and Hill announced their new joint song, and now, they are celebrating the release of their first joint album, "The Rest of Our Life", which came out on November 17th, 2017. Among the songwriters on the album are some of the greatest music writers, such as Meghan Trainor, Lori McKenna, Ed Sheeran, and Johnny McDaid. Their songs create a warm and cozy atmosphere, depicting the perfect relationship in a marriage.

When listening to Tim and Faith’s songs, one can’t help but believe them. And one of the reasons is, probably, because they know exactly what they are singing about. That’s why it feels natural and genuinely trustworthy.

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