'The Cosby Show' Actress Lisa Bonet Struggled With Self-Image And The Pressure Of Being A Child Star

Date April 6, 2018 17:13

The Cosby Show was the most popular TV sitcom of the 80’s. It was collecting millions of viewers from 1984, when it first aired, until 1992. The show introduced us to the Huxtables, an upper middle-class African-American family from New York, with Bill Cosby playing the family’s patriarch.


Throughout its five seasons, The Cosby Show became number-one rated sitcom on television and the biggest 80’s hit. It has propelled many its stars to fame, including Lisa Bonet, who played Denise Huxtable, Cosby character’s daughter, on the show.


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Many child stars who got introduced to fame at an early age were not able to cope with it. Lisa, too, had her rebellious times.


She was described as beautiful, sexy, spicy, weird, talented, insecure, outrages, and eccentric. Too many adjectives for a coming-of-age teenager.

The shy and introverted Californian had been struggling with her identity. The search was complicated by constant comparison with her character Denise, from whom she tried to run away since she accepted the role of 17-year-old Epiphany Proudfoot in the movie Angel Heart, playing opposite Mickey Rourke.

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At 19, Lisa agreed to do a steamy love scene with Mickey, which created an uproar from the loyal fans of The Cosby Show. To add fuel to the fire, she then exposed her breasts in the shoot for Interview magazine.


Now, 50-year-old Bonet has long found the most important roles in her life – a mother and wife.

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She has a daughter, Zoë, from her marriage with a rock star Lenny Kravitz, who now follows her mother’s footsteps in the acting field. She also has two children with her currents husband, The Game Of Thrones star, Jason Momoa.

Lisa doesn’t struggle with her image anymore, she knows who she is. She found herself spiritually and with her children. She’s bohemian cool, nurturing mother, strong beauty, and the fiercely independent hippie who always goes her own way.

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