Celebrating 40th Anniversary Of John Travolta Dancing To The Beats Of "Staying Alive" In "Saturday Night Fever"

Date December 20, 2017 16:54

How many of you remember seeing the great classic Saturday Night Fever? We're guessing that it is basically all of you, since this is simply a must-see movie. John Travolta 40 years ago dancing to the beat of "Staying Alive": What's there not to love?

Saturday Night Fever

Since you probably already know all about the movie's plot, let's just say that the film premiered in 1977. It was directed by John Badham, and it was the turning point that made Travolta's career simply explode.


The movie featured a heavily popular disco soundtrack, with most of the songs performed by Bee Gees. Even today, Saturday Night Fever remains one of the best selling soundtracks of all time. Furthermore, the hit song "Staying Alive" developed a life of its own and became a timeless hit.


40th Anniversary

The movie's 40th anniversary created quite a racket on social media, especially Twitter. Fans all over the world took the opportunity to remember one of the best dance films ever made. The main motto was staying alive and enjoying that 70's beat.

Also, cinemas everywhere honored the film's anniversary by putting it in their repertoires.

Dance like Travolta

The movie was not only a huge commercial success, but it also helped launch the disco scene into the mainstream. The disco fever spread all over the world, and disco music reigned as supreme for the next ten years. And, please don't say that you have never tried at least some of the moves from the movie on the dance floor.