Prince Harry Is The Most Beloved Grandchild Of The Queen Of England

Date January 3, 2018

Prince Harry is our favorite but does the Queen share our opinion? It seems as though the charming 33-year-old Prince is his grandmother's dearest family member.


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The Christmas speech

In the traditional Christmas speech, Queen Elizabeth II took the opportunity to talk about several contemporary events and issues. The Queen spoke about fear and hope, about London and Manchester but also reminded people what Christmas is all about.

However, it was something else that caught our eye in the speech video. Among the photos that are carefully placed around the room is the latest engagement picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Also, the Queen "welcomed new members" into the family, again referring to Prince Harry's upcoming wedding.

Relationship between Prince Harry and the Queen


As you might have guessed, the Prince and the British Monarch do not have the typical grandma-grandson relationship. Their relationship has of course been influenced by the death of Princess Diana. Since her death, The Queen has taken a somewhat watchful and protective stance towards the boys.

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Even though Harry says that he views her as his boss,” there is undeniable proof that the Queen indeed has a soft spot for the Prince. For example, Elizabeth II was very quick to accept Meghan Markle as a part of the family and remains very supportive of her grandson and his love choice. It must be that boyish charm that dazzled the Queen as it did the rest of us. 



Prince Harry and the Queen having fun

One of the most adorable videos in 2017 came out just before the Invictus games. It shows the Queen and Prince Harry displaying refined British humor which is not unknown to the royalty. The unlikely duo makes a witty comeback to Michelle and Barack Obama's message. I think we will never grow tired of watching this.

Never change Prince Harry, charm and humor are far better than unsincere politics.

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Prince Harry