Raccoon Is Appalled When A Person Opens His Trapdoor. He Jumps Back Into The Hole, Closing The Door Behind


October 16, 2017 11:55 By Fabiosa

Animals and kids are always the funniest things on earth. No matter what they do, we always laugh at them. Every action of these creatures makes us smile and boosts our mood.

But when it comes to animals, it's always hard to decide which one is funnier and cuter. There's been a debate for over a long time whether cats or raccoons should top the charts. And this video should be one of those in favor of raccoons, animals that have character and aren't afraid to show people what they really want.

Costea Andrea M / Shutterstock

They are always ready to stand their ground. But at the same time, there's nothing funnier than watching a raccoon being angry.

This one, for example, showed what he can do to everyone around. The animal must have been sleeping or resting after a hard-working day when suddenly the door to its house was opened.

Actually, it was one of the zookeepers, who wanted to show the kids what raccoons look like in the real life.

Mircea Costina / Shutterstock

However, as we can see now, the animal wasn't quite in the mood for talking. First, it was greatly surprised by the intrusion and didn't understand what was going on.

But when it came to him there's nothing to catch on the ground, the animal quickly decided to dive in back to its hole. No sooner did people have a chance to look at the animal, then it opened the hatch and got back inside.

And to top all that, the raccoon closed the hatch behind him! It was hilarious! Just watch this video and see for yourself! It's only up to you to decide who's cuter - cats or raccoons!

Source: Bdzhola