TV Personality And Kim Kardashian's Mom, Kris Jenner, Goes Blonde For The New Year Celebration

Date January 5, 2018

From Khloe's amazing pregnancy photos to Kris Jenner's awesome Christmas party, you think you've seen it all from the Kardashians this holiday season but wait till you see Kris’ new year makeover.

The head of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner at 62 has proven she's not out of the game just yet.

A Christmas surprise: an electric car for Kris Jenner

For the Christmas season, Kris posted a shot of herself standing in the driver's seat of a yellow jeep with the caption “best Christmas surprise ever”. Getting an electric car as a Christmas present is sure an awesome surprise and Kris looks totally ready to take that car for a spin.

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New Year makeover: Kris Jenner goes blonde.

And if the electric car was not enough to surprise, Kris spots a surprised look to begin the new year. The reality TV star posted a photo of her new blonde hair on her twitter handle. Whoever said life begins at 40 definitely had Kris Jenner in mind, at 62, she's spunky and looks ready to roll.

The youngsters are definitely not the only ones having fun as Kris looks ready to get her groove on.

Fans definitely want to be like Kris Jenner when they hit 62.

Following her recent makeover, fans took to her Twitter page to congratulate Jenner on her new look. The makeover is definitely getting positive reactions as some even wish to be like her when they are older while others wish for a similar makeover.

According to her fans, its definitely a welcomed change for Jenner and some commended her for looking younger and gorgeous. In any case, fans are raving about it and this is sure to be in the headlines for a few weeks.

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