After 25 Years Of Marriage, Lorraine Kelly Regrets Over Choosing Lady D-Style Wedding Dress

Date January 3, 2018 10:36

They say getting married is every girl’s dream; it is something every woman dreams and fantasizes about from teenage years. Meeting that man with whom they intend to walk down the aisle is the beginning of a happy life.

However, we can’t deny the fact that with all the excitement that comes with being married, there is some work to be done if the couple intends to stay married long enough. That is why seeing a couple who have been together for several years and decades is always a joy!

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Lorraine Kelly’s 25th wedding anniversary

Just a few months ago, the TV personality took to her Instagram to congratulate her husband, Steve Smith, on their silver jubilee.

Along with the message, she shared a picture they took on their wedding day in 1992 where Steve was planting a kiss on her cheek after the celebration.


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Wedding dress regrets

If there is anything most brides are concerned about when it comes to their wedding day, it is the wedding gown. They often take days, weeks, and even months to research before making a choice of what dress to choose.

Happy 25th anniversary to my husband Steve. Very grown up! #silverwedding #happy #lucky

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For Lorraine, looking back at the gown she wore on her wedding day, she feels very uncomfortable for what she put on. Probably because of her exposure and advancement over the years, she feels the gown wasn’t exactly a fashion hit. However, she consoles herself saying it was 1992! Speaking about her wedding to BBC, she said:

All I wanted was men in kilts and pipers. There was no real plan! It was very, very traditional. My dress... Uyuy-yuy. It was 1992 so it was kind of like a Princess Diana bouffant thing with big sleeves – oh God. We could all get in it! We could all fit in my dress. I've still got it.

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Her advice to new brides

The journalist and host of 'Wedding Day Winners' gives some words of advice for would-be brides who may be getting overwhelmed and obsessed over the littlest of things.

She said what matters the most isn’t the colors of the flowers or how well they match. In fact, she noted that people wouldn’t even remember what the flowers looked like after the event. Instead, she said, “It's about the joy and how much you enjoyed it.”

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That is some great word of advice for brides there, and we hope they take that seriously and make their big days worth every second.

Congrats to the TV star and her husband for making it this far. We wish them even better years together ahead.

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