Superman: The Movie That First Brought The Comic Character To Life Turns 40 This Year


January 17, 2018 11:06 By Fabiosa

From a comic book character, Superman first came on the big screen in 1978. The movie arguably brought recognition to the science fiction, fantasy, and adventure series. It’s also worth mentioning that it is one of the 10 highest grossing superhero franchises of all times.

And now, 40 years down the line, we take a look at this moving picture that brought our favorite hero to life.

Superman: The journey of Clark Kent/Superman

The movie focuses on the life of Clark Kent.

© Superman (1978) / Dovemead Films

He was sent to earth by his father “Jor El” to protect him before their home planet was destroyed. The spaceship carrying baby “Kal El” crashed in Small Ville where he was found and subsequently adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent who named him Clark.

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As Clark came of age, he learned of his heritage via a hologram of his father who went on to teach him on how to use his powers. After his training, he journeyed to Metropolis where he started working at the Daily Planet as a reporter. That was where he met Lois Lane whom he fell in love with.

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Working as a reporter allowed him to conceal his identity as Superman. This was a win-win as he caught many criminals, averted disasters, and ended up defeating his arch nemesis Lex Luthor who wanted to destroy the city to further his business plans.

Superman: How it all started

The movie came about as a result of producer Ilya Salkind’s genius idea to make a film out of the comic book character. Salkind who comes from a generation of movie makers convinced his father Alexander and childhood friend Spengler that the movie would be a great hit.

© Superman (1978) / Dovemead Films

The Salkinds production team was able to buy the character rights from Warner Brothers who at that time had just acquired DC Comics. Mario Puzo, Robert Bentman, and the Newmans worked on the screen play.

When it came to casting the lead, quite a number of actors were interested, including body builder turned actor - Arnold Schwarzenegger - as well as American singer and actor - Neil Diamond.

Salkind initially didn’t want to cast Christopher Reeve as the lead because although he had the looks, he lacked the physique required. However, after considering other actors, Salkind decided to go along with Reeve who later trained with body builder David Prowse to get muscles for the Superman role. The results were phenomenal.

Best scenes from Superman

Here, we take a look at the best scenes from Superman.

1. First on our list is a scene where young Clark prevents his adopted parents truck from falling on them by lifting it up. That was the defining moment Jonathan and Martha Kent knew he had superhuman powers.

2. A little speed contest between teenage Clark and a moving train comes next. It was an awe-inspiring scene as Clark raced faster and crossed the rail line before the train. Young Lois Lane was also on that train, and she saw him achieve this feat.

3. Another scene showed Clark and Lois walking. After which, a mugger lured them into an alley at gun point. In an attempt to fight the mugger, Lois tried to kick the gun from his hand. The gun fired away, but, of course, in a truly heroic moment, Clark caught the bullet in his hand.

4. The scene where he goes to see Lois as Superman at her apartment so she can interview him. She was totally flustered and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

5. Another heart-warming scene was his first day at Daily Planet where he met Lois Lane for the first time.

6. Another entertaining moment is the scene where a hologram of Clark's real father Jor El explains his origins and heritage to him. It was definitely a father-son moment.

7. Last but not least is when Metropolis saw the flying man for the first time. In the scene, Lois was dangling from a helicopter, and just as her hand slips, Clark in his costume catches her; it was totally a super hero moment. And that wasn't all, the helicopter fell on the building, and he caught it with one hand while holding Lois with the other hand.

We congratulate the entire crew for the great work they have done in bringing the movie to life all these decades.

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