'The Attack Of The Irritating Father': Sly Stallone Keeps Trolling His Daughters In Hilarious Videos

Date December 19, 2017

Fathers love to take credit, especially when their children are exceptionally intelligent, smart, savvy, or gorgeous. Stallone's daughters have it all.

His third wife gave him three beautiful daughters, and since then, the internet hasn't been given a breathing space. He trolls them every time. They are seen with him on dates, and he has even allowed each of them to find unique expressions in areas where they feel they are gifted. That's a great father, isn't it?

About Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester himself had risen through the thick and thin of Hollywood to become the veteran actor he is today. After writing the script for Rocky, he tried to sell it. He was met with frustration and rejection.

He didn't give up, and he went on to become a super star and has received several awards for that movie.

Ignored by his daughters

Stallone who likes to troll his daughters can be seen in one Instagram video where he tries to get their attention, but they wave him off stylishly. Sometimes, girls just want to have their own time, right? But what's a father going to do when he can't stop adoring the three precious gifts he was given as children?

Perhaps, other fathers should be like Stallone, flaunting the great things and, of course, the beauty of their daughters for all to see.

About his daughters

His daughters are named Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet. The first of them, Sophia, is just 21 years of age and has graduated from the university studying Communications with other minor certifications in Films as well. Is she preparing to seize the stage from her father? Only time will tell.

Sistine is a model, 19 years of age, and appears to be following in the steps of her mother. She has appeared in famous magazines right from her early age.

Scarlet is different from the pack; she has embraced sports and appears to be doing quite well in that area. Each of these girls is surely bringing so much joy and pride to their father and the name they stand for in Hollywood.

Children are definitely gifts. These girls are no different. Only time will reveal what difference and glamour these girls will bring to the fore.