Rose Schlossberg And Her Iconic Grandmother, Jackie Kennedy, Share Striking Resemblance

Date December 15, 2017

Whoever said that making babies and bringing them into the world is a natural process that is as simple as ABC must have been mistaken. Many times, it’s a much more complicated process. The childbearing experience of Mrs.Kennedy, wife to the 35th president of the United States, is just the perfect narrative for this.

Jackie's Childbearing Experience

Jackie started her childbearing journey in the year 1955, but a miscarriage quickly put an end to what would have been her first child. Just a year later, her womb held the promise of another little wonder. A month before baby number 2 was due, Jackie hemorrhaged and instead delivered a stillborn.


The heavens, however, seemed to beam their lights on the Kennedy family a year later and Jackie gave birth to Caroline. A child who reportedly stole her father’s heart and held him spellbound with her presence.

Following the arrival of baby Caroline, another child was born to the Kennedy family on November 25, 1960. The baby was determined to live, for a brief moment though.  John Jr. got added to the family, sadly though, he later died, in the year 1999, alongside his wife in a plane crash.

But Caroline lives on alongside her husband, Edwin Schlossberg, and they have 3 healthy children that have joyfully added to the Kennedy dynasty: Rose, Tatiana, and Jack.

Granddaughter looks like Jackie O.

Of the three grandkids of the illustrious political family, Rose Schlossberg, is currently the rave of the internet world. This is as a result of her striking similitude with her very famous grandmother – Jackie Kennedy. The resemblance shared between the two women is so astonishing you could actually mistake them for twins.


Looking at their pictures side by side, you cannot help but notice the similarities in their features. It’s in their wide-set eyes, the thick brunette hair they share, their elegant slender frame and their coy, wide smiles. Their mutual love for Arts is yet another thing that they have in common.

Rose has earned herself the appellation – "Beauty mixed with brains." She is a Harvard graduate and currently making a name for herself as a comedian. Last year, Rose and her friend, Mara Nelson-Greenberg, launched comedy web series.

The granny-granddaughter duo

On the flip side though, while Rose and her famous grandmother could well pass as a double, their fashion styles may not. At least, not Rose’s onscreen fashion wardrobe. Blame that on the T-shirts, jeans, and messy ponytail she spotted in her comedy series.

However, their good looks and distinctive physical features are so arresting, you could mistake them for the same person. This lookalike has prompted many big league publications, such as the New York Post, to name Rose as Jackie 2.0.

On our part, we are glad that Rose is here to remind us every day of the most graceful and quintessential first lady in the history of America – the iconic Jackie Kennedy.

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