What Does The Choice Of A Handbag Says About Your Personality? Body Experts Reveal The Answer

Date April 11, 2018

Have you ever thought about things that define and shape who you are? Apart from genetics and upbringing, there are surprising factors influencing personality. They include birth order, age, key life events, appearance, diet, nervous system, and much more.

And while these factors shape your personality, it then gets reflected in the choices you make, the things you buy, and everything you do. Surprisingly, one of the main things that can say a lot about a person is a handbag.

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According to Judi James, a body language expert, there are at least 5 types of people depending on the choice of a handbag.


So, what are they?

1. Courier bag type

Women who opt for this type of handbags are likely to be firmly in touch with their masculine side. Besides, these bags are rather inconvenient because they will keep hitting you and the strap will always drop down. So, based on James’ research, this shows that a person may be deeply unsatisfied with oneself.

2. Clutch bag type

Many women take a clutch bag on a night out. What does it say about them? The immediate associations that come to mind are being ladylike, having good manners, and carrying a very few things. But, in fact, it’s not true.

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Those who prefer a clutch bag are likely to carry more things than women who opt for other types of handbags. What is more, it is a sign of someone who likes to party hard.

3. Designer sack type

These handbags are so big that they make their owner look smaller. Besides, women often don’t carry anything useful in them, which means they are not very organized. So, looking for a lip-gloss or keys can take forever.

4. Cross-body satchel type

Such women tend to be very whimsical, stubborn, and a bit childish. But in extreme situations, they will gladly take charge and become leaders who can solve any kind of a problem.

5. Cloth bag type

Women preferring this type of handbags are very creative and are usually good at their job. But again, they often appear to be a bit on a whimsy side.

So, what kind are you?

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