'Is This Photoshopped?' The Photo Of The Charles River Looks Like 2 Different Pictures


The emergence of Photoshop has completely changed the digital photography history. Now when we look at an incredible image, our immediate thought is, "Is this photoshopped?" But sometimes, people are lucky to capture the reality in an amazing, hard-to-believe way.

For example, this photo of the Charles River caused a real stir on the Internet because it looks like two different pictures!

Photo I took of the Charles River looks like two different pictures from mildlyinteresting

People’s reaction and explanation.

The picture went viral and caught the attention of numerous Reddit users, confusing some of them. Actually, there is a heated discussion of what people see in the snap with almost 1 thousand comments. Many compared the pic to computer games with bad graphics, advising checking the connection to the server or buying another graphics card. Indeed, the sky looks like it has not rendered completely.

And, as there have always been jokes about conspiracy theories, many users did not miss a chance to bring them to light. Of course, they mentioned Illuminati, chemtrail conspiracy theory, and other variants that were even more bizarre. Out of these, chemtrails seem to be the most popular explanation.

Some of the Reddit users drew the parallel between the difference of the sky and the difference between various cities, regions, and districts. According to them, it looks like this might be two completely different worlds.

And others thought that the snap was too good to be real. Let’s admit, the symmetry is just unbelievable.

Scientific explanation

Yet, there may be a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, and it is called geoengineering. In particular, the thinning of cirrus clouds can result in the reduction of a warming effect. These clouds don’t reflect solar radiation, leading to a greenhouse effect. By getting rid of them with the help of aerosol particles, it would counteract their warming effect.

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But it can be simple beauty of our nature.

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