'All I Want For Christmas Is You': It Is Mariah Carey's Most Recognizable Song That Still Brings Her Millions

Date December 27, 2017

One of the most commercially successful singles of all time that still tops charts throughout the world – all this is about the famous song All I Want for Christmas Is You. Thanks to this composition, American singer Mariah Carey is now called the Queen of Christmas music.


History of the song

Carey wrote this masterpiece with Walter Afanasieff, an experienced songwriter who collaborated with Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and other stars. She wanted the whole album devoted to the holiday, which was very risky at that time because Christmas songs had almost died out.


But the singer was unstoppable. Plus, she was really obsessed with this holiday as she loved everything about it.


The track was recorded in August 1994. Mariah decorated the studio with New Year's toys and garlands to create a festive mood. First, they composed the basic chord structure. In a few hours, they had the song ready. It did not have frequent chord changes but still sounded special. As Afanasieff recalled:

She would sing a melody and I would do a chord change … it was almost like a game of ping-pong, back and forth, until we had it.


Commercial success

It still remains, perhaps, the only uptempo Christmas song about love. People like it because it is about everyone.

The track soon became ubiquitous, and year after year, it did it again. No wonder, Carey earns a hefty check every year just from this track. In fact, it has earned more than $60m since its release. Real success!


Numerous covers

In case you don’t like the original version, there are plenty of covers to everyone’s liking.

There are other famous bands performing this song, like Fifth Harmony.

There are not so famous performers who add something unique to this song. This girl accompanies the song on ukulele and karimba.

Men also sing this track, making it even more romantic. Just listen to this acoustic version by Michael Bublé.

For some rock lovers, there’s an alternative cover.

The song is popular abroad as well. And it can be performed with the orchestra.

And here’s another cover. The singer’s voice is just angelic and magical.

We could not forget about this famous Carpool Karaoke featuring Lady Gaga, Adele, and other celebrities.

Well, all these covers prove that the song is a real masterpiece.

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