Queen Elizabeth II Says That Princess Charlotte Bosses Her Big Brother, Prince George

Date December 18, 2018

Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s daughter not only looks like her famous great grandmother, but she also seems to have inherited her character. Elizabeth II confessed that three-year-old Charlotte likes to boss her elder brother around. The little is the one who takes on the role of guardian and constantly watches over George to make sure he is doing OK.


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Boss in the house

The Queen opened up about her great grand-kids at Sandringham House after meeting a 10-year-old schoolgirl and awarding her a prize, a Bible, for doing best in a religious education project. She asked the girl if she "looked after" her younger sister. However, the mother of the schoolgirl intervened. The woman said that in their family, the opposite is true. Elizabeth II revealed:

It's like that with Charlotte and George.


Duchess Catherine also confessed that her daughter was "in charge." It seems nothing has changed, so poor George will have to accept the fact that his sister calls the shots. According to psychologists, this is not surprising. Often, younger children feel much more self-confident than older ones.


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Not only bossy but also smart

By the way, the little princess is also quite smart for her age. She is only two, but she already knows not only her native English but also a little bit of Spanish.











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Actually, Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s nanny comes from Spain. At the request of the royal family, she speaks with children a foreign language from an early age and also explains the basics of Spanish. That is why George can count to ten and say a dozen of colloquial phrases in Spanish. As for Charlotte, she still learns it and knows some of the simplest expressions.


In May 2018, Princess turned three, and in April, the royal family welcomed their brother Louis on April 23. Who knows, maybe there is a new boss in the household.

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