Birth Order May Influence Children’s Behavior And Affect Their Characters In Adulthood

Date October 17, 2017 15:25

The topic of birth order seems to have many questions. A lot of scientists still hesitate about the impact of birth order on children as well as their relationships with siblings and parents. One of them claim that this factor affects a kid's behavior and personality in general. Others are sure that it doesn’t’ matter whether a kid is a firstborn or not, what really matters is education, family traditions, and surroundings. It’s hard to argue with both statements; so, let’s look inside the core of the question. /


These kids usually receive their parents' undivided love and attention for a certain period of time. The first child becomes the center of the universe for the young parents, and it’s obvious that he/she can take a number of benefits from this. Study shows that firstborns are more likely to be bossy, confident, and brave than their younger sisters or brothers.

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However, first kids often face certain emotional difficulties. In other words, they experience life challenges. The loving parents usually have very high expectations for their first child. A son should become at least a president when he grows up, and a daughter - no less than a Miss Universe. Of course, it’s an overstatement though it doesn’t go so far from the truth.

Middle Child

Probably, it’s not easy to be a middle child in a family: you are not the oldest and not the youngest. Here comes a question “Who am I?” The second born often tends to follow the firstborn in order to feel his own value. Though there are certain benefits in being a middle child in a family. Such a kid gets calmer, more self-confident parents. They also have the advantage of learning a lot of new things from an older sibling.

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Often, a second child tends to choose their own way of life. So, if the first is more calm, the second is like a hurricane. If the eldest is great in academics, the second tends toward sports or acting skills.


Beloved and treasured, the lastborn kid often tends to the stereotypical opinion of being less responsible and more happy-go-lucky. The youngest child may find themselves at a center of general attention, which can affect the way a kid feels and behaves. Many lastborn children choose jobs and relationships in which they can be stars.

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The general advice we have to all parents with more than one kid is to understand that the most important way to help your children deal with the challenges of their birth order is to acknowledge the difficulties each child faces.

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A birth order doesn’t really matter if you have sincere and trusting relationships within your family. Parents’ love is all the kids need to be happy and joyful.

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