In Japan, Giant Straw Animals Were Placed On The Fields During The Harvest Festival

Date December 26, 2017

Fall is usually the time of harvest and popular festivals. One of them is the Wara Art Festival (Japan). This festival is a great opportunity for people to get together and re-purpose the leftover rice straw in a very creative way. Rice straw was widely used in Japan to produce various goods, but Japanese students found more interesting idea to use it.

Clever students created the figures of giant straw animals. Actually, many people took part in the creation process. The sculptures were built with amazing talent and skill. The collection includes a crocodile, rhino, tiger, and even big gorilla.

The magnificent beasts are tall and strong. They resemble ancient big creatures. Just take a look at this crocodile - his big teeth are really impressive. It seems like he is ready to pounce at any moment.

Despite their dangerous appearance, these giant creatures are really popular among tourists. People from different cities and countries came to the festival to see the unusual sculptures and make selfies with these magnificent works of art.

What can we say, students worked really hard to make these incredible straw animals. Creative people have a great deal of energy that helps them express their talents. If people are good in doing something wild and crazy, entertainment can become art. It’s great that there so many popular festivals that help young people present their talent and skills.

What do you think about these giant straw sculptures? We wait to hear your opinion.

Source: Boredpanda

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