Norman Hartnell: A Person Behind The Queen's Stunning Outfits

Date November 17, 2017

Norman Hartnell was Britain's most successful and talented fashion couturier. He gained the status of a personal dressmaker of the Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II. And there are no doubts that he excellently coped with his work. Just look at the exquisite style of the Queen:


Women of the royal family knew exactly what to wear to look gorgeous during the official ceremonies and public events.


In his works, famous dressmaker managed to combine sophisticated and glamorous style with romantic and simple design ideas. Hartnell made clothing for women of the royal family since 1935. In 1947, he designed Princess Elizabeth's wedding dress. Princess looked totally amazing. Norman created the perfect dress that symbolized the glamour of monarchy and incredible elegance.



His most legendary creation was the Queen’s coronation dress. The task was not easy. The master submitted nine different design ideas to Her Majesty and she accepted the eighth. The result was worth all the efforts. The Queen’s dress was really one-of-the-kind.


Vivid expressiveness, great colors, and light personify Hartnell’s masterpieces. He enjoyed working with soft, floating fabrics, as well as incredible silks, which provided the perfect foil for his spectacular embroideries.


When the Queen planned her first visit to America, she already knew who would design her outfits for all public occasions. Hartnell made a stunning crinoline evening dress hand-embroidered with pearls and diamonds. It was a complicated process to make such kind of dress, and Norman was working on it days and nights. The designer was not afraid of difficult tasks. The dress was gorgeous, and the Queen looked amazing during her dinner with President Eisenhower.

Norman Hartnell was the real genius. The talented designer confessed he always found inspiration in what he called “genuine Englishness” with its great history and wonderful traditions. Hartnell was incredibly talented person who found his calling in creating great and unique clothes worthy the royal family.

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