Lea Thompson And Howard Deutch: A Love Story That Has Lasted For 30 Years And Still Does

Date December 22, 2017

Back To The Future star, Lea Thompson met Howard Deutch during the filming of Some Kind of Wonderful in 1987. When Howard asked the beautiful actress for a date, she had to refuse for a certain reason. But true love has no boundaries and 30 years later, their marriage is just that wonderful.


Lea Thompson, early life and career


Thompson was born in 1961 in Rochester, Minnesota. She has Irish origins. Lea grew up in a  big family with two brothers and two sisters. She has always dreamed to become a ballerina. Being a talented dancer, she got a scholarship at the American Ballet Theather. Once, her teacher told her:

You're a lovely dancer, but you're too stocky.

Lea decided to quit her dancing career and become an actress. At the very beginning, she had some small parts in various commercial ads. Her breakthrough came after she got a leading role in the legendary trilogy Back To The Future.

Happy and lasting marriage

After a couple of failed relationships, Lea met Howard Deutch, who was 11 years older than she. The actress confessed she always thought about him as a very troubled man. When he asked her for a date for the first time, she refused as she was involved in another problematic relationship. But Howard didn't step back.


In summer 1989, the couple decided to get married and in a few years, their first daughter was born. Their second child was born shortly after, in 1994. Following the footsteps of their parents, the girls have successful acting careers, showing to the world that talent passes through generations in their family.


Nowadays, we can hear almost daily about Hollywood couples' divorces. That is why it is always nice to find happy marriages that last for years. Being together for almost three decades, Lea and Howard seem to be as happy as on the day they met. Once, Howard said:

I knew I was madly in love with my wife the minute I saw her.


True love exists. Lea Thompson and Howard Deutch share their love for 30 years and they still have that sparkle between them.

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