25-Year-Old Student Lukwesa Morin: She Is Meghan Markle’s Look-Alike

Date December 25, 2017

Has anyone told you that you look just like a celebrity person? Lukwesa Morin heard these words many times. The matter is that she looks almost like an identical twin of Prince Harry’s fiancee, Meghan Markle. We compared the photos of both women and need to say - their resemblance is truly astonishing.


Lukwesa Morin: Meghan Markle’s look-alike

Meghan Markle is a famous actress, whose popularity has grown enormously during the last months thanks to her official engagement with Prince Harry. Meghan got used to capture the overall attention with her every public appearance. A lot of girls try to resemble Meghan and dream to meet their own prince charming just like she did.


If there would be a contest for Meghan Markle’s look-alikes, Lukwesa Morin will definitely win the first prize. Identity between two young ladies is so obvious that a lot of people confuse Lukwesa with the future royal member. Lukwesa told:

I’ve been mistaken for Meghan a couple of times as I’m walking down the street or in any public places. This has been going on for two years now.


The girl says that most people ask her whether they are sisters with Markle. It appears that both women have even more in common except their appearance. Lukwesa has a passion for acting just like her celebrity copy.

I would love to act in a series that has such a thrilling plot line as the one in Suits. I was a big fan of that series.


Moreover, Meghan and Lukwesa both do volunteering and enjoy helping people. Lukwesa is a student yet; she is 11 years younger than Meghan. Despite her young age, Morin already has her long-term goals. Her dream is to develop her own company to provide solar energy to third world countries.

Meghan is also known for her devotion to making good deeds. She worked as a United Nations ambassador and visited India with a noble mission to support women living in slum communities.


Both ladies share a great goal to make our world a bit better. Their resemblance is really impressive. We wonder whether Meghan Markle knows about Lukwesa and whether Prince Harry could confuse his future bride with her look-alike. If you’re also impressed by the girls’ resemblance, share your opinion with us.

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