Celebrity Momager: Lisa Rinna May Be The New Kris Jenner

Date December 21, 2017

Lisa Rinna is well known for her work on American television. This talented actor came to be identified with one of the most striking characters on the long-running TV series, Days of Our Lives, playing the role of Billie Reed.

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Her activity on screen also includes acting as Taylor McBride in the Fox Television drama, Melrose Place as the show host on Soap Talk. Lisa also had a stint at reality television, contesting in Seasons 4 and 6 of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Rinna has also done some modeling. In September of 1998, she posed for Playboy, and again in 2009. Married to Harry Hamlin, she is blessed with two daughters.

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The girls, Amelia (16) and Delilah (19) are walking in their mothers’ shoes. Both girls are fast gaining popularity as models and making their mother proud.

Celebrity momager

As celebrity lifestyle goes, there seems to be a trend where celebrity moms take on the task of managing their children’s budding careers. Kris Jenner of Hollywood fame immediately comes to mind. She has more or less been the machinery behind her family’s catapult into the limelight, managing not only the affairs of daughter Kim, but later, those of her model daughters, Kylie (19) and Kendall (22).

They are the new competition.

The Hamlin girls have signed lucrative contracts with agency IMG. In a recent interview with entertainment channel ET, Lisa spoke on the challenge of managing her model daughters and wearing the momager cap.

She also speaks of her admiration for Kris Jenner:

I mean I have mad respect for Kris Jenner. Let me just say that, I really do. I’ve always liked Kris Jenner. I now have mad respect for her because she does it times six.

Although Lisa does not see herself in competition with Kris, there are several similarities between both celebrity moms and daughters who are models. All girls are pursuing exciting careers in the industry. And both moms are powerhouses in their own rights.

Lisa still confesses modestly that her daughters are hardworking and she has done only so much to get them where they are today. She said:

I didn't do anything to help them do anything, to be honest. They've done everything on their own. They work very hard.

Managing her model daughters can be hard, seeing as she also has her own career to manage. She does get help though, being friends with fellow celebrity mom, Cindy Crawford, who she says is always happy to give her advice on managing famous kids. Lisa even talks to Kris sometimes she says.

Are they the next Kardashians?

Kylie and Kendal may have a few years on the Hamlin girls in their careers but the fast-rising profile of Amelia and Delilah can hardly be ignored. It is agreed that Kims’ embarrassing video leaks suggested the end of her yet-to-launch career but Kris did turn that scandal to a multi-million-dollar franchise.

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The Kardashians also have a long list of endorsements to their name. Even Kim’s first wedding was a major pay-check for the family. As a pro momager, Kris seems to have learned the subtle art of money-spinning, seizing every opportunity to increase the profile of the Kardashian brand. And judging from the sleuth of offshoots from the Kardashian show, and her ever-expanding Dash franchise, she seems to be on track.

On the rise.

Are the Hamlin sisters going to be the next Kardashians? That is the million-dollar question. However, Lisa has her work cut out for her in the celebrity momager department. There may be no contest, but it is obvious that her family has the potential to become another celebrity franchise in the future.

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