Actress Emma Thompson Opens Up About Invitation She Once Received From Donald Trump

Date December 8, 2017

Since Donald Trump became the President of the USA, there is an increase in the number of women saying that he invited them to spend time together. Of course, all of these cases happened before Melania. It was a time when Donald Trump was a young, confident Manhattan billionaire.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the oldest elected president of the USA. He is 71 years old and has been married three times. Trump is also a proud father of 5 children and a grandpa to nine grandchildren. Besides being a president, Trump is still de facto very much involved in The Trump Organization and is a quite active public figure.

Emma Thompson got asked out by Trump

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Emma Thompson was recently a guest on The Graham Norton Show. There, Emma shared her awkward story about Trump. Emma was making a film in New York at the time when the phone rang in her trailer. It was none other than the current USA president asking her for dinner. Emma took a raincheck and never talked to Trump again. To hear the story from the spectacular actress, check out the video below.

Emma wasn't the only one

It appears as though the US president was quite the womanizer in his day. More and more women are talking about the head of state asking them about dating, namely Brooke Shields Selma Hayek.

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Donald Trump