Middle-Schooler Keaton Jones Speaks Out About Being Bullied

Date December 21, 2017 18:09

The subject of bullying in American schools has been on the hot plate for several years. All over the internet, random videos have been surfacing. Many of them show scenes of kids being bullied in schools, sometimes with onlookers who do nothing.

Recently, the subject again found widespread media attention with the release of this disturbing video of Keaton Jones. The middle school boy suffers a medical condition that left him with malformed facial features and speech deficiencies.

He has been the brunt of jokes at school and in this viral video, young Keaton tearfully talks about his experience.

Creating awareness.

Speaking at an interview with the hosts of This Morning, Keaton’s mum, Kimberly, provided insights on the challenges her son had been facing. Apparently, Keaton had been a victim of bullying long before the video was released.

Kimberly hoped that the video would help create awareness about bullying in her community. The video did much more than that. It sparked an international wildfire that has seen celebrities and millions of other people lending their voices in support.

Millions unite.

Actor Eva Longoria in a Tweet on December 10 joined the growing list of celebrities speaking out against bullying. She reposted the Keaton video with these comments.

A concerned parent in this follow up tweet shared her experience and talked about the support she also received in her time of crisis.

The outpouring of support continues and more people are standing up against bullying in schools. Keaton appreciates the support and believes that it won’t always be bad for children who get bullied. He ends his video on a positive note.

He said:

It's hard but it will probably get better...someday.