Russian Oligarch’s Wife Shows Off Her $10 Million Worth Wedding Ring

Date December 27, 2017

The stories of marriage celebrations are told to friends and relatives. Fortunately, some men know exactly how to arrange an incredible wedding ceremony to impress everyone. A famous Russian oligarch, Aleksey Shapovalov, is a vivid example of this kind of men. His wife, Ksenia Tsaritsina, still says their mind-blowing wedding was the most unforgettable and emotional event in her life.

When Aleksey Shapovalov proposed to his future wife, he made the headlines of all popular newspapers due to a 70-carat diamond ring, worth $10 million. In August 2017, the couple got married.

The bride described the wedding reception as “unforgettable.” Indeed, unforgettable it was. The couple got married at Moscow’s Barvikha Luxury Village hotel. Some of the most famous Russian singers performed at the ceremony, and there also were acrobats. And if we move straight to the dessert, you would be awed with the floating eight-tiered cake.

Shapovalov looked awesome in a black suit as he was seen proudly embracing his beautiful wife. Tsaritsina said it was the wedding of her dream:

It was unbelievable. Thank you to our friends for sharing this wonderful day with us. Thank you to our large and loving family.

To make a perfect wedding is not so easy as some people think. Of course, if you are a famous oligarch, it seems a bit easier. A wedding hopefully happens once in our lifetime, so we want it to be memorable and perfect. Talking about Shapovalov and his wife, they will definitely remember their big day for the rest of their lives.

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