Rescue Dog For Weight Loss: A Couple Lost 80 Pounds Together By Walking Their Rescue Dog

Date February 20, 2018

When Anne and Vic Tenaglia first offered a foster home to a pit bull terrier Jingle, he suffered from anxiety. The dog was saved from a fighting ring along with 11 other dogs. When he arrived at Brandywine Valley SPCA, he was injured, anxious, and had bitten off his tail.

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The Brandywine Valley SPCA asked the couple to foster Jingle as an emergency placement to help the dog to relax and heal his wounds. They felt hesitant at first to foster a pit bull terrier, but Anne also worried about his stress levels. Nonetheless, the Tenaglia family took the anxious dog home.

Anne remembers:

We needed infinite patience as he chewed through the door and destroyed E-collars and medical dressings. Every day for six weeks, we had to go back to the clinic for new dressings on his leg wound. But he showed us gratitude and grit. He never growled during dressing changes or when taking medication. Over the 11 months we fostered him, we marveled at his change from terrified and cowering to confident and friendly.

When Jingle felt anxious, the only thing that could calm him down was walking. After a long walk, he wouldn’t bite his tail. The couple walked him three or four times a day in the park, for a total of two to five miles.

Anne and Vic Tenaglia were both overweight and had heart problems, so this new regime completely changed their life. Anne even participated in a 5K walk.

Our cardiologists were thrilled that we lost a combined 80 pounds since Jingle’s arrival. Their advice? ‘Keep walking the dog to stay out of the hospital’.

Anne says:

We saved his life, but we like to say he saved ours. My muscles are more developed, and I am not having to take as much pain medication and stuff like that. It helped with my weight and helped with my heart.

Jingle also helped BVSPCA win $5,000 grant for the essay story that Anne wrote about him.

Today, the Tenaglias are leading a more active lifestyle and enjoy chasing after their grandchildren.

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