Dad Of A Boy With Leukemia Is Set To Be Deported. Church Gives Him A Shelter

Date February 13, 2018

Jesus Berrones is a father of 5 kids, and one of them is diagnosed with leukemia. His wife is five months pregnant. Despite all that, Jesus is to face the deportation from the USA.

The man just can’t leave his family as he is the only breadwinner. What is more, he is the one who can help his little son battle the illness. The pills he takes are rather toxic, and the mother carrying another baby can’t do that.

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In search of a shelter, Jesus addressed a Phoenix church that agreed to give him a sanctuary. It’s known that the ICE services tend not to open church doors, considering the place quite sensitive.

However, owing to the help of media, Jesus got a 1-year-stay permission. It’s a great chance for him and his family. The minute he heard the news, the man started crying.

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Self-preservation is the highest right and duty of a Nation. - Thomas Jefferson

Isn't this price too high to pay for it?

Jesus isn’t a felon, he didn’t kill anyone, so why his peaceful life with his family should be a problem for the country? It’s a natural reaction for people to flee from bad conditions in search of a better life where they can raise their kids safely. And here are a few reactions of common people.

Will such behavior of the authorities lead us, people, to becoming totally inhumane?

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