Woman Is Grieving The Death Of Her Beloved Husband. Then, A Divine Sign Gives Her Peace

Date February 8, 2018 12:03

Losing a loved one can take its toll on a person. You experience all kinds of emotions, which may even include anger and hopelessness. You probably find yourself trying to make sense of the world around you. Sometimes, holding on to hope that you will, one day, see them again can provide some level of peace and comfort.


But what do you do when you are not even sure there will be a reunion someday? A woman who battled with this particular issue shared her story on TODAY.

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Her big loss

Andrea Remke was struggling after her husband passed away. Even though she went to church on Sundays with her kids and was thankful for her blessings, she did not consider herself a praying woman.

I don't know if any amount of holy water will ever be enough to soften and heal this cracked and broken heart that only dwells on sadness, resentment and grief right now.

Since the death of her husband, Andrea had been very angry. She was mad about doing things all alone, mad that her husband was not with her, and even mad that he had to die instead of her.

Andrea then began to wonder if there was any meaning to life. She wondered if she should keep believing that there will be something else after we die.

Then, I started to think that if that's true, then my husband is just lying there in that box — being nothing anymore. I started sobbing. I kept saying over and over that it wasn't fair. This isn't fair. I went to bed crying and mad at the world, mad at God, mad at myself for so much time wasted in this stupid, unfair life.

It was a crippling feeling of sadness, anger, and hopelessness that overwhelmed her, and she had no reason to keep the faith... until she received a divine intervention.

A sign from heaven

One morning, while driving her children to school, they kept asking about their dad as they normally did since his death. They were asking questions like if he could see them and where he was - questions Andrea herself was searching for answers to.

While doing her best to provide responses that were somewhat satisfactory, she thought about the miscarriage she had years ago. She wondered if her husband was somewhere with their child at that moment.

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Then 45 minutes later, she got a text from a friend who she had not seen in a while. She sent Andrea the text that said:

I was praying for you this morning and the kids. I just saw Matthew in heaven with a child, and he was so happy. Did you have a miscarriage? ... I believe he is up there with that child, and they are united waiting on all of you.

Andrea couldn't believe it. There was no way the friend would have known about her miscarriage, or that the fact there is an afterlife was a concept she had been battling with.

I needed to know he was OK and that I was wrong about him just being in that box six feet under.

That sign was all she needed to stay strong, both for herself and for her children. Even though she did not feel like she was good with prayers, she realised that God listened to her pain and tears, and not her words.

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