3rd Graders Stole The Show With Their Creative Piece Of Art


February 8, 2018 11:21 By Fabiosa

Art has the role in the education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. - Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Students of Allen Elementary School just proved this right. They stayed true to themselves and their faith, waiting for hours just to paint something that they believe in.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

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Allen Elementary School talent show

Allen Elementary School allows its students to perform any form of art.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

The only clause is that religious performances are not allowed since it is a public school. This was drilled into the hearts of every student and left a group of 3rd-5th graders confused.

Then, light struck in their little hearts. They caught an idea and waited for 3 hours just to get the chance to do it.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

Their performance

The kids painted an ethereal picture of Jesus with his hands and foots pierced. They did same with a painting of his head and face, which were covered in thorns. Their creativity on stage quickly snowballed into an intense worship experience.

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Rachel Loomis / YouTube

Perhaps, what’s striking is the fact that knowing that religious performances were prohibited, they waited backstage for three hours to perform. And prior to their show, they warned the audience about what was to come. Thereby, giving everyone who wanted to leave the chance to do so if they didn’t want to be a part of it.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

People’s reaction

Overall, people were excited to see this performance. The expression of joy on their faces could not be mistaken.

Although, since the video surfaced online, there have been concerns about the fact that such a display was put up in a public school.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

One cannot help but marvel due to the creativity of these youngsters as well as their maturity and boldness. It takes a special kind of courage to know what you want and go for it at all cost, including waiting to perform last.

Rachel Loomis / YouTube

With these kids out there, there is hope in better future.

What do you think of their act? Is it creative or not?

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