Barack Obama

He probably was one of the most close to the public presidents ever, not shying away from appearing on popular TV shows.... continued

While this is not his first birthday after the presidency, it is indeed special as this is the first time it is being commemorated as a holiday.... continued

president Barack Obama and his vice president Joe Biden is one of the Internet's favorite things.... continued

Michelle and Barack Obama not only succeeded at politics but also at being parents, as they’ve raised two beautiful, well-educated, and well-man... continued

Despite the long time spent side by side, the couple doesn’t lose interest in each other and looks as much in love as they did on their fir... continued

Barack Obama has 3 main questions to ask yourself to find out if your partner is the one.... continued

We know so much about our President’s life and personality.... continued

However, she admits it was really hard to overcome the depression that developed in the result.... continued

The former American First Family visited the Queen in 2011, and the rest is history.... continued

In fact, we should say these words more often than just one day per year.... continued

44th American president announced his opinion in the official statement on Facebook.... continued

They first met back in 2015, when British prince visited Washington.... continued

The wife and the mother of two US presidents passed away on April 17 at 92.A post shared by George W.... continued