Catherine Zeta-Jones

Carys, 14, inherited her famous parents' good looks, which partly helped her get over 40,000 Instagram followers.... continued

On Wednesday, she stole many envy-filled looks again as she appeared at the Michael Kors Spring 2019 collection show, joined by her stunning daughter.... continued

His former co-star, Catherine Zeta-Jones, sent a heart-melting birthday message with the best wishes to Connery.... continued

But some women are still not shy about revealing their love of the royal family even in their 40s.... continued

A few days earlier, such photo was posted by Catherine Zeta-Jones.... continued

But for her children, she is not a celebrity but just an ordinary mom, who's loving and caring.... continued

At first glance, the 25-year age difference between them is reason enough for some observers to wonder how they manage to keep their marriage together... continued

The Hollywood superstar revealed that being grandpa is not as fun as he imagined it to be because he still “got a kid in the house.” ... continued

The Welsh star can boast about having a famous husband, multi-million fortune, and incredible talent.... continued

In this adventure, Zeta-Jones played Elena Montero, daughter of the original Zorro (Don Diego de la Vega), played by Anthony Hopkins.... continued

Last month, he shared a picture of himself sitting on the rocks by the water, and his mother could not help but show she still cares.... continued

After much needed soul-searching time, the actress realized how lucky she is and confidently shares it with the world.... continued

A few years ago, the screen beauty even had to admit that she had checked into a mental clinic, as she was struggling with bipolar disorder.... continued