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Donald Trump

But the story became popular once again, and not only because of Trump’s presidency, but also due to Ivana’s new book, in which she candid... continued

Thanks to medications and other kinds of treatment, we have an opportunity to live more than two times longer compared to our ancestors.... continued

Many see him as a ruthless businessman who only entered politics and subsequently became president for his own gain.... continued

After having to be single for a long time and focusing on her career, she made some drastic decisions after meeting her new partner and even left Fox ... continued

But what people will remember this happy moment for is the actor’s acceptance speech, in particular, his harsh comment about President Trump.... continued

The money was part of a hush agreement Daniels signed requiring her to stay silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2007.... continued

The land of the free and home of the brave allows any of her citizens to attain success irrespective of their beginning.... continued

Among other things, Daniels says the book will present an undiluted version of her encounter with President Donald Trump, and the affair she claims to... continued

Destruction of the tall sturdy building, World Trade Centre, turned it into nothing but rubbles.... continued

The report was a backed up by a study, conducted by the researchers of George Washington University.... continued

Donald Trump and his team were quite worried in 2016, when the controversial director released his documentary, Michael Moore in Trumpland.... continued