Donald Trump

The adult film star made the headlines again after her recent cameo at Saturday Night Live.... continued

Dolores Lés Antelo lives in the village of Cabana de Bergantiños, and her photo made a real splash on the internet.... continued

Former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed the president paid $130,000 back to his personal lawyer Michael Cohen.... continued

Those who do the best for fraternity among countries and abolition of armies can also get one of the awards – the Nobel Peace Prize.... continued

gettyimages In one of his interviews, he said: I love my previous life.... continued

And unlike all expectations, her celebration turned out to be rather moderate and a low-key one.... continued

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child on April 23rd.... continued

He cancelled 21 tour dates as a result and went on a social media abstinence stretch.My favorite Saint Pablo Tee— KANYE WES... continued

Another awkward hand-holding moment between Donald and Melania Trump made Twitter users “expose” with comments.... continued

Donald Trump’ case suddenly got a new twist – there is a witness who can prove Daniels is telling the truth about her affair with Trump back in 2006.g... continued

and his wife Vanessa are calling it quits as on March 15, Vanessa filed for divorce.... continued

A man on Instagram was highly impressed that he sent Trump Jr.... continued

She died aged 92 surrounded by her loving family.Celebrities, politicians, former and current presidents, and of course, her children and grandkids ho... continued

A couple of weeks before the election, Trump's longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to keep Daniels quiet about the alleged affair.... continued

No wonder, because what makes every grandpa happy if not his grandkids.... continued