Jennifer Aniston

It’s been not the 1st time she got separated with her husband.... continued

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We're all brought up fearing Friday the 13th, being careful not to break any mirrors, and staying away from walking under ladders.... continued

These two amazing actors have dozens of films behind their backs, and despite all rumors about the fake marriage, family dramas, and numerous reunions... continued

Reportedly, the 46-year-old initiated the split after he got tired of Aniston's lifestyle.... continued

Since the announcement in February, Jennifer hasn’t shown up once in public events until now.... continued

The couple met on the set of comedy film Wanderlust, and after four years, they got married at their home in a secret ceremony.gettyimagesREAD ALSO: I... continued

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In fact, the former "Cougar Town" star, 53, hosted the intimate bash at her Malibu home.#happybirthday to my sister from another mother #jenniferanist... continued

Many celebrities have had no such luck, as they deal with sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, and sleepwalking, too.via GIPHYWhat causes a ... continued

They have just announced their separation and are possibly headed towards a divorce.gettyimagesgettyimagesREAD ALSO: Jennifer Aniston Gives Fans A Rar... continued

Some fans have still not recovered from the shocking end of what was one of the most celebrated Hollywood relationships.... continued

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