Katie Holmes

For the special occasion, the actress chose the striped midi dress from Dior and black-white shoes with a low heel.... continued

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A car was running the red light and didn’t even stop after hitting people in front of it but ran into other cars parked down the street.... continued

Sometimes, the things they do go against common sense, and people just can’t understand the goal they pursue.... continued

They like to get their hands dirty too.The late George Michael donated tons of money to charity.... continued

So, when people arrived at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala, they could not but notice one particular couple – Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.via GIPHYMaking... continued

Unfortunately, they were not pictured together, and it looked like they arrived and left the event separately, but people could tell that she was ther... continued

She has starred in such hits as Batman Begins, Thank You For Smoking, Wonder Boys and The Giver.gettyimagesWhile her career has been largely successfu... continued